Speaker Straus Announces House Committee Assignments

Wednesday afternoon Speaker Straus released the lineup for committees. I am humbled to be appointed Vice-Chair of the Homeland Security and Public Safety committee that has jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to law enforcement, crime, terrorism response, and disaster mitigation. I look forward to serving with Chairman Rep. Larry Phillips (R-Sherman) on this vital committee. I will also be serving on the Local and Consent Calendars Committee determining the priority of local bills for floor consideration and the Natural Resources Committee that controls the appropriation and allocation of all the water in the state. This is a great opportunity to serve on committees that are specifically important to House District 74.

Receiving committee assignments was the wrap up of an active week. On Monday, Father Paul Selvaraj, of Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church in Eagle Pass, opened the proceedings of the House with a prayer. Tuesday was Community College day at the Capitol and I enjoyed visiting with the young minds of South West Texas Junior College. We were honored to host Father Paul and the students at the Capitol.

It was another busy week inundated with media requests and interviews covering the Open Carry movement and legislation our office is working on. I spoke with the L.A. Times, Houston Chronicle, and Thursday night I was a guest on MSNBC's "All In" with Chris Hayes.

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