Newsletter - House Bill 699

Recently media outlets have been very interested in my security, following social media threats against myself and my family. Jokingly in an interview I said my staff and others should wear signs saying "I'm not Poncho." On Wednesday many of my colleagues donned "I'm Poncho" stickers orchestrated by Rep. Drew Springer (R- Muenster). I was heartened by the display of support and solidarity as we can all agree threats and aggression in advocating an issue should never be tolerated.

On Monday I was honored to speak on a panel with fellow Reps. John Smithee, Chris Turner, and Kenneth Sheets. We had a great discussion regarding health and life insurance policy issues coming up this session.

Several constituents stopped by the Capitol office this week. It is always good to hear from District 74 locals and I encourage everyone to come visit.

The Capitol celebrated Texas Muslim Day on Thursday. The Capitol belongs to everyone regardless of their Faith. People who come peacefully and respectfully to advocate their position are always welcome. Bigotry and flat out ignorance have no place at the Capitol and should never be condoned.

Legislative Highlight- House Bill 699

While research estimates that 1 in every 4 college students will experience sexual assault, there is no state statute requiring campuses to update or enforce their respective policies on the issue. To ensure student safety is a priority on campus, I filed HB 699 which will make it mandatory for each public institution of higher education to review and update their sexual assault policies each biennium. Universities will have to clearly define sexual assault, state the sanctions for violations, and implement protocols for responding to reports of campus sexual assault.

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