Rep. Nevárez Files Bill to Reform Signage Law Relating to Concealed Handguns

Austin, TX -- Businesses in Texas have the right to either allow or ban concealed handguns within the premises of their own establishment. If a business wishes to prohibit concealed handguns from their establishment they are required to post a large and wordy sign in accordance with the current 30.06 Signage Law. The sign that is currently required is massive, complicated, and excessively lengthy. Representative Nevárez has filed H.B. 2405, which allows the Department of Public Safety to create and standardize a new sign for businesses to post banning concealed handguns. The new sign would be concise and considerably smaller, making business owners' prohibition of concealed handguns in establishments much more business and customer friendly.

"We need this simple, pro-business bill to allow private property owners to decide who enters their establishments to make their preferences known in a simple, straightforward manner, " stated Nevárez.

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